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"In order to be a winner, you have to look for ways of getting things done and not for reasons why things can’t be done. People who live with excuses have things that can’t be done hovering around them all the time."

- Mike Krzyzewski (via motiveweight)

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Dialog by Artefact - A wearable concept to mitigate the dangers of epilepsy.

While there are gadgets that help mitigate the dangers of epilepsy, these mostly take the form of alert bracelets and safety gear. With Dialog, Artefact wanted to create a platform that would not only help people better understand their condition but live with it as well.

Featuring a UI based around natural interactions, Dialog allows patients to call for help with just a grasp of the wearable patch, which may be all they can do in the middle of a seizure. A double tap allows a patient to record an aura, which is the sensation many epilepsy sufferers feel before a seizure, allowing them to have time to prepare; the typical time between an aura and a seizure could then be measured.

More about it: FastoCo Design


Sarah Lucas presents her debut furniture collection made from concrete blocks and MDF


This device enables you to physically touch digital information. Video conferencing now has a new dimension.


Geco Hub Grab & Go Modular Storage System by Version 22 (from Homeli)




The hardest of metals can still be designed to take infinite forms.

Designer: The Fundamental Group



…the future of pizza (X)

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"Que el vivir solo es soñar.
Todos sueñan lo que son, aunque ninguno lo entiende.
Que toda la vida es sueño, y los sueños, sueños son."

- Calderón de la BArca.

"Toda generalidad falla en la particularidad, la necesidad -dicen- obliga al ingenio."

- Eduardo Salles.


Joel Rea